Upgrades Services


Remote Thermostat

Have complete control of your home, away from home! We specialise in the instillation of the award winning Hive Thermostat from British Gas- the best Remote Stat on the market. We also fit Nest remote heating.

From £229



Full system cleanse to clear magnetite from the system and keep your heating running efficiently as possible.

From £295


Heating Filter

Protect you boiler with a magnetic system filter to prevent blockages and sludge building up in your system.

From £199


CO detectors

Keep safe with on audible CO detector supplied and installed.

From £29.99



Is your main stop cock in an inconvenient location? Fit a surestop in a more accessible place and have the luxury of stopping your mains water with the flick of a switch (ideal for combi boilers)

From £129

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