Maintenance Services

All gas appliances should be checked every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Most boilers now come with a 2-7 year warranty depending on the manufacturer. To keep a warranty valid, the boiler must be serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer, failure to do so invalidates any warranty.

Poor water quality within a central heating system can also invalidate a warranty. If the system has not been cleaned properly after installation, or the correct amount of inhibitor has not been added, the metal components within the boiler could begin to corrode and a build up of magnetite can occur.

At Buntingford Heating, when we carry out an annual boiler service, we will also carry out a water test of the system, to check that there is the correct amount of inhibitor within the system and give advice if necessary.


We will also carry out a gas ‘tightness test’ to ensure there are no gas leaks within your home and ensure all carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly.

Our aim is to keep your boiler and system running as efficiently as possible whilst giving peace of mind that your house is safe from the dangers that gas appliances can pose. Your safety is our no.1 priority.

On every visit we will give you the best advice for keeping your system running as safely and efficiently as possible. You will be given a copy of your service paperwork from Buntingford Heating at the end of the visit.

We will send you a reminder every year when your annual service is due.
We guarantee an honest reliable service.

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